iLove.... app for iPhone and iPad

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Developer: Colin Adams
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Current version: 2.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 21 Jan 2010
App size: 114 Kb


iLove.... is a simple yet elegant app which allows you to create your own custom image to text or email to a loved one or use as a wallpaper to show the world who or what you love! You can even assign it to a contact!

How it Works...
This single purpose app allows you to enter text underneath the words "I Love" in a beautiful big red heart on the screen and save it as a photo for texting or emailing to a loved one or for use as wallpaper or assign to a contact!

Perfect for Valentines Day or any day of the year!

The possibilities for this app are endless!
"I Love _____."
"I Love You!"
"I Love My Wife"
"I Love My Husband"
"I Love My Kids"
"I Love Cats!"
"I Love Dancing!"
"I Love Vampires!"
"I Love Jonas Brothers!"
"I Love Hannah Montana"
"I Love Miley"

How it works - Long version:
Fire up the app
Tap screen to enter text
Enter text of who or what you love
Tap "done" button
your text now appears under the "I Love" in the big red heart
now press the home button and the power button on your device to take a screencapture
Open "Photos" app
Select Camera Roll
Select your screen capture
Select icon in bottom left corner
Select "Use as Wallpaper" or send via MMS, Email or assign as contact

All you need is Love
Love makes the world go around
Love, Love, Love
I Love ... is a great way to keep love in your life, whether you spell it love, luv, lov, or even heart
Love is happiness, so spread the joy of love and watch your heart grow 2 sizes this year!

No matter how you spell it;
爱, ljubav, láska, kærlighed, liefde, armastus, pag-ibig, rakkaus, Liebe, αγάπη, אהבה, प्यार, szerelem, cinta, grá, amore, 愛, 사랑, meilė, љубовта, imħabba, kjærlighet, عشق, miłość, dragoste, любовь, љубав, láska, ljubezen, kärlek, ความรัก, aşk, любов, yêu, cariad, ליבע, or love, it means the same thing everywhere around the world.